Polyclinic Family and Specialty Medicine Facility opened in May 2003 in response to the growing need by patients for more than just quality medical care.  The aim of Polyclinic is threefold – quality, comprehensiveness and convenience.  In order to reach these goals, Polyclinic provides patients with wide-ranging medical diagnostic services, by highly regarded professionals, all in one convenient location.  Polyclinic patients will thus get the best medical care available, without the need for long waiting times and multiple medical appointments.  Polyclinic believes that there is no reason patients should not take care of all of their medical needs while saving valuable time.

The Three Goals of Polyclinic Family and Specialty Medicine Facility

Quality Staff, Services and Equipment

At Polyclinic our first goal is to provide our patients with premier services from both our on-site professionals and our reception staff.  The physicians who practice at the Polyclinic are experienced top-level physicians, many of whom are affiliated with/on staff at academic hospitals.

Polyclinic also provides its patients with a variety of diagnostic and specialty tests on site, including many tests that often are reserved for a hospital setting. To perform these diagnostic and specialty tests Polyclinic uses state of the art equipment.


Comprehensive Medical and Diagnostic Services

Our second goal is to cater to our patients’ differing and diverse needs in a variety of medical areas. We provide services in family medicine as well as over 20 specialty areas.  These services are available for all age groups from infants to seniors.

Multiple Medical Services Open for Extended Hours in One Convenient Location

Polyclinic’s third goal is to save our patients time and money.  We save our patients time by reducing how long patients must wait for specialists appointments and diagnostic tests.  In addition, Polyclinic houses these specialists and tests in one location.

Providing a wide-range of services in one location allows patients to schedule various appointments all in one day, helping our patients avoid the hassle and cost of repeated travel to appointments.  Our walk-in clinic and many of our specialty services are open weekday evenings and weekends, so that appointments may be booked outside our patients’ work hours.  For our walk-in clinic no appointment is necessary.