In keeping with the comprehensiveness of medical services offered to patients, Polyclinic Family and Specialty Medicine Facility is performing the C-13 urea breath test at its onsite lab for the accurate detection of H. Pylori infection.

The urea breath test is non-invasive, non radioactive, highly accurate and convenient breath test kit for the diagnosis of H. Pylori.

For patient convenience, H. Pylori testing will be available during the week and on Saturday by prior appointment. The cost of such testing will be slightly less than that provided at off-site laboratories and will be $90.00 including HST per test, which includes the off-site analysis.

Reminder List:

  • Must bring a VALID HEALTH CARD and ALL MEDICATIONS currently taking.
  • If Health Card is not valid or expired, uninsured visit charge(s) will apply.
  • Must bring a translator if the patient cannot speak English
  • Patients who wish to RESCHEDULE or CANCEL their appointment must do so at least 48 business hours in advance to avoid a NO-SHOW fee of $90.

For more information about the services provided at The Polyclinic Specialty Department or for referral information please contact us at 416-222-6160 EXT. 268, 269, 277, 278.

TEL (416)-222-6160 ext 268, 269, 277, or 278
FAX (416)-645-1978

Description of Test

This is a simple breath test to detect the bacteria helicobacter pylori. The test takes approximately 40-60 minutes to complete. First the patient will be asked to blow a breath of air through a straw into a small collection container. Next the patient will drink a small container of solution. After 30 minutes they will blow a breath of air through a straw into a second container.

Warnings and Precautions

  1. There is a contra-indication for patients with Phenylketonuria (PKU) and restricted dietary phenylalanine.
  2. If you have been treated for H Pylori infection, treatment must be completed at least 4 weeks prior to the test otherwise the test may give false-negative results.
  3. You must discontinue the following medications for the specified time periods prior to the test otherwise the test may give you false negative results:
    • Antibiotics (4 weeks prior to the test)
    • Zantac, Pepcid ( 1 day prior to the test)
    • Proton Pump Inhibitors such as Tecta, Prevacid, Pariet, Pantaloc, Losec, Dexilant, Nexium (3 days prior to the test)
    • Bismuth Preparations such as Pepto Bismol (2 weeks prior to the test)
  4. Patients must fast for 6 hours prior to the test.

If you are having this procedure please make sure to read the information sheet with further details found here.